San Francisco | Nov. 12, 2021

Chicago | Nov. 16, 2021

Chris Sayegh

CEO, The Herbal Chef

At his core, The Herbal Chef™ is a passionate science and biology student who turned to the chemistry of food plant medicine, to feed the intellectual side of his creations.  Among the first professional to enter the Cannabis industry, Christopher Sayegh has pioneered Cannabis Infused Fine-Dining in an effort to elevate the perception of marijuana through mainstream media.  These activations include art, music, fine wine and top notch ingredients, simultaneously and effortlessly educating his audience while entertaining them with culinary enlightenment. Currently, Chris consults for companies producing gourmet edibles, catered and private dinners, as well as leading the charge in culinary education for Cannabis throughout the globe. 

The Herbal Chef has been featured in every major news company around the world (including The Guardian, CNN, Fox News, CBS, GQ, Forbes, Fast Company, etc) to document his incredible innovation in the cannabis and culinary space. With the preciseness of Chris’ infusions and ongoing stardome in media, Chris has already been able to solidify his space as the #1 cannabis infusion chef in the world. With a seemingly endless supply of passion and drive, Chris has his sights set on leaving a positive impact on the world through his medium of choice, food.  Through consulting as a content strategist or to menu and edible creation, this is a refreshing take on sharing his vision with the world that is The Herbal Chef ™.


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