San Francisco | July 30, 2021

Chicago | Aug 4, 2021

Rocio Vargas

Chef Owner , PLANDA

Rocio Vargas is Chef-Owner at Planda--a chef driven multi-sensory social experience; where Rocio creates “high” dining experiences including, catering, weekly meal preparation, infusion classes, and personal chef consultations. Rocio has been a chef for over 8+ years and has worked for Bib Gourmand restaurants in Chicago, Rocio was featured in a Chicago based newspaper, “The Chicago Reader”, and appeared in a segment on “Windy City Live” on NBC among other distinctions in the field. Rocio helps both the culinary and cannabis communities by providing specially curated multi-sensory events along with providing educational services to ensure all those without access to medical marijuana aren’t left behind, all while helping--to diminish the negative connotation of your average stoner.


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