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Beverage Trade Network Launches Cannabis Food Show in San Francisco and Chicago

Cannabis Food Show in San Francisco & Chicago - expanding opportunities in the cannabis food category.

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Given the growing excitement and momentum around the legalization of recreational cannabis in North America, it’s only natural that new business opportunities are popping up all over in U.S. cities with large groups of influential and trendsetting young millennial consumers. At one time, these young consumers might have only explored options within the wine and spirits category, but now the focus is squarely on the cannabis food and drink category. In recognition of this fact, Beverage Trade Network has plans to launch a new Cannabis Food Show in two of North America’s largest cities - San Francisco and Chicago - in 2021.

The idea for the new show, explains Beverage Trade Network CEO Sid Patel, originated with this summer’s phenomenally successful Cannabis Drinks Expo, which drew a much larger crowd and exhibitor list than originally anticipated. One of the big takeaway themes from this event, which took place in San Francisco, was the rapidly expanding opportunity within the cannabis food category. “For many young millennial consumers, the entry point into the cannabis category is food and drink. So it’s only natural that a range of different startups and big-name consumer goods companies are now very active in the space and looking for new business opportunities,” says Patel. “The idea for the new Cannabis Food Show is to really highlight and showcase some of the very original innovators who are helping to shape the space.”

Similar to the format of other Beverage Trade Network shows that take place in cities like San Francisco, London, and New York, the upcoming Cannabis Food Show will feature a full-day conference track featuring the themes and topics that are top of mind for cannabis innovators, complemented by an active trade show floor where participants can meet face-to-face with exhibitors and form new business relationships. At this summer’s Cannabis Drinks Expo, for example, exhibitors included a wide range of cannabis drinks companies that were bringing to market new products that appeal specifically to the changing way that millennial consumers are looking to use cannabis.

As highlighted in a recent ArcView Research report, cannabis is now a multi-billion-dollar industry, and the growth prospects for the future are off the charts. According to ArcView Research, for example, by 2022, the total size of the cannabis category could be $32 billion globally. And within that market, edibles and drinks are capturing a larger and larger share of the overall market. In North America, edibles are growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.0%, which means that edibles are set to become a $4.1 billion market opportunity by 2022.

Speakers at the upcoming Cannabis Food Show in Summer 2021 will give an overview of the overall market, in addition to diving in deeper to cover the various challenges, opportunities, and risks within the market. As with other events produced by Beverage Trade Network, speakers will consist of some of the leading names within the industry. The Cannabis Drinks Expo, for example, included such luminaries as Terence Donnelly, CEO of Hill Street Beverage Company, who explained why the future of cannabis is in beverages, and Jeff Maser, President and CEO of Tinley Beverages, who covered the major risk factors and operational challenges facing market leaders in the cannabis beverage category.

Where the Cannabis Food Show really has the potential to drive the whole cannabis food category higher is by showcasing many of the innovators and industry influencers who are experimenting with cannabis food creations in completely unexpected ways. These include Warren Bobrow (aka “The Cocktail Whisperer”), who is helping to pioneer the creation of cannabis-infused cocktails, and Rachel Burkons (Co-Owner of Altered Plates), who is one of the major influencers at the intersection of cannabis drinking, dining, and crop-to-kitchen cuisine.

Certainly, all of the main indicators continue to point in the direction of rapid growth and expansion within the cannabis food category. A big factor, of course, will be the tremendous growth forecasted for the Canadian cannabis edibles market at the end of 2019. As market research studies continue to show, food and drink products are much less intimidating to newcomers than smoking or vaping. As a result, the new generation of cannabis food products will look much different than the previous generation of products, which primarily focused on brownies, cakes, and sweets. This next new generation will include artisanal baked goods, of course, but will also include everything from pizza to upscale cuisine, and just about every type of beverage imaginable.

So, for anyone looking to glimpse the future of the cannabis food category, the place to be in 2021 will be the Cannabis Food Show, in either San Francisco or Chicago. On July 30 and August 4, respectively, these one-of-a-kind events will be the place to hear about current trends, meet top influencers and trendsetters, and meet directly with potential business partners.

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